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Family Fitness Exercises

As a parent, it is important for you to encourage your children to be physically active. A child should try to do at least 40–60 minutes of exercise each day. To achieve this goal, plan some family togetherness time. Here are some easy ways to reach that goal together. Walk the dog. Treat your dog […]

Chiropractic Once Again Vindicated

You may have read or heard of the recent sensationalised reporting in the media regarding the safety of chiropractic in relation to children and the subsequent attack by the Australian Medical Association.This has been shown to be incorrect and once again chiropractic has stood the attack. Please read the following from the Shadow Health Minister […]

World Spine Day

October 16th is World Spine Day which is part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week. It is to raise awareness about spine problems such as back and neck pain. To find out about exercises that may help in preventing these please continue reading.

Postural Fitness

Postural fitness is one of the new buzzwords of healthy lifestyle thinking – and for good reason. Over 2 million Australians experience back problems every year and postural fitness is one of the most powerful ways to address preventative health. Postural fitness means optimal spinal alignment. It gives you greater strength and endurance, better coordination […]

Cost of Back Pain to Australians

Did you know that 2 million Australians suffer back pain every year. The total economic impact of lost revenue because of spinal disorders was $9 billion or $269 for every person in Australia in 2009.  (The Spine Journal (2012);12:1119-1121) Australians aged between 45-64 who retire early because of spinal disorders have lower income (79% less), […]

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

An average of 50% of pregnant women will suffer from lower back pain as a result  of their pregnancy. Of those, around a third will suffer severe lower back pain, yet only a small percentage will actually inform their health care providers of it.Research has shown that there can be effective relief without the use […]

Golf Injuries and Chiropractic

The average golfer tends to take up golf at an age when he or she is no longer participating in energetic, competitive and physically demanding sports. Unfortunately, this decreased involvement in competitive play contributes to an overall decrease in flexibility – especially of the spine, shoulders, hips and pelvis (key components of a good golf […]

Staying Healthy Over Christmas

Christmas Top 10 List to Stay Healthy Drink plenty of water. If consuming alcohol try drinking at least 1 glass between each drink. Keep hydrated in that summer sun. Watch those Carbs! Eating good protein based meals instead of those high carbohydrate goodies is important for weight loss, blood sugar levels, and even fatigue. Protein […]

Stress! Heres what you can do about it.

Are you stressed? Do you understand what stress is and what it’s designed for, why it is switched on too much in almost all of us, and what can you do about it? Stress can be physical, chemical or emotional. Physical stressors like heavy lifting or trauma are common, however, micro traumas such as the […]