Chiropractic Services

The primary purpose of BodyKey Chiropractic is to provide our patients with quality chiropractic health care and personal attention – listening to our patients and treating them with dignity, compassion and courtesy.

At BodyKey Chiropractic in Indooroopilly, our main focus is to get you moving better without pain and restore stability to decrease the chance of recurring problems.

Modern chiropractic techniques aren’t just about treating the neck and back pain that’s normally associated with Chiropractors. At our Indooroopilly Chiropractic clinic, BodyKey chiropractic, we integrate chiropractic treatment with rehabilitation exercise, soft tissue techniques and the right advice to deliver specific care for your needs.

Our Chiropractor has completed a five year full-time University degree focused on diagnosis, safety and best practice methods and techniques to take care of your spine and health. 

chiro-2Sports injuries are a special interest to BodyKey Chiropractic and it is this same approach to returning athletes to play that is used for those non-athletes, young or old.

Dr Shea has a Masters in Chiropractic Science and is currently completing his International certificate in Sports Chiropractic. This allows us to continue taking care of high-level athletes al the way through to the weekend- warriors.

In addition to classic chiropractic treatments BodyKey Chiropractic employs techniques such as Kinesiotaping, Active Release Technique (ART) and Dry needling to deliver up to date treatment, rehabilitation exercise and advice, specific to a client’s needs.

At our Indooroopilly clinic we never just use an “off the shelf” approach. Everyone is unique, so everyone needs a unique treatment plan.

Call BodyKey Chiropractic on (07) 3878 1110, or visit us at Suite 1, 60 Coonan Street and discover the freedom to live your life as it should be enjoyed!