An average of 50% of pregnant women will suffer from lower back pain as a result  of their pregnancy. Of those, around a third will suffer severe lower back pain, yet only a small percentage will actually inform their health care providers of it.Research has shown that there can be effective relief without the use of pharmacological drugs by combining spinal manipulation, exercise, and advice.

Spinal Manipulation

Studies into spinal manipulation and pregnancy related back pain have indicated that it is an effective treatment for the relief of back and pelvic pain in pregnant women. Furthermore, the studies demonstrated that besides a reduction in pain there was also improved function and high satisfaction ratings. Those experiencing back pain and sciatica also found relief through chiropractic spinal manipulation. A paper published in Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey (2009) recommended that health care providers should consider spinal manipulation as an option to treating pregnancy-related lower back pain.


All those undertaking exercise during pregnancy should check with their prenatal health care provider before embarking on any exercise program. Regular aerobic exercise of around 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity ( if you are unable to talk normally while exercising your probably overdoing it) such as walking, or stationary bike is recommended. Shorter and less frequent exercise can still be beneficial and remember if you haven’t exercised for a while, start slowly and gradually increase the duration.Individualised stabilisation exercises such as “pelvic tilt”, “pelvic floor” and “core stability” type training, have also been found to be effective in reducing lower back pain both during and after pregnancy.

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