Christmas Top 10 List to Stay Healthy

  1. Drink plenty of water.
    If consuming alcohol try drinking at least 1 glass between each drink. Keep hydrated in that summer sun.
  2. Watch those Carbs!
    Eating good protein based meals instead of those high carbohydrate goodies is important for weight loss, blood sugar levels, and even fatigue. Protein helps in decreasing cravings for those nasty carbohydrates and if you are going to over eat this Christmas – eat protein.
  3. Healthy Christmas food?
    Plan healthy meals when entertaining. For snacks try mixed nuts with sundried fruit instead of chips, etc.Always have 2 -3 different salads, such as rocket, boccocini, beans (Jamie Oliver has some good ones). Avoid potato salad, sweet potato has less sugar and less starchy.
  4. Move Ya Butt!
    Exercise at least 30 mins a day – a walk is good something faster is better (jog, ride). Get into the rhythm of doing something regular over your break then you might maintain it once the festive season is over!
  5. R & R
    Take time to get good rest. Sleep-ins and siesta’s are great. Relax, read a book, spend time doing what you love. The Christmas break is a perfect time to re-energise and repair your body for 2013.
  6. Prevent injury
    Don’t over do it. If you haven’t done much exercise make sure you warm-up and stretch before that game of back yard cricket or touch rugby on the beach. Remember most back injuries occur in the mornings so be careful in the garden etc.
  7. Take time with your family.
    Make time to be with others, spend time reinvigorating your relationships. Light exercise such as beach walks, bike rides are great to chat and reconnect with others., etc.
  8. Reflect
    Take time to reflect on the year that was and perhaps look toward 2013. While you have time, set some goals for yourself, put down ideas you might have. Keep your mind free. Get rid of the rubbish and be grateful for the last 12 months, clear the deadwood.
  9. Keep your body subluxation free.
    You do better when your body is better. Don’t put it off, maintain good healthy spinal health by keeping appointments and perhaps even getting regular care.
  10. Be joyous.
    Allow yourself to laugh out loud each day whether that be on your own, or with family or friends. Play that song that makes you sing out loud or dance (while no one is looking!).

From us all at BodyKey Brisbane Chiropractic, we wish you, your family and your friends a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

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