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At [site_title] in [site_location], our main focus is on incorporating passive and active care. That is integrating chiropractic treatment with rehabilitation exercise. Our extensive knowledge and skill allows us to tailor a care package specifically to the clients needs.

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Modern chiropractic techniques aren’t just about treating the neck and back pain that’s normally associated with Chiropractors. At our [site_location] [site_discipline] clinic we treat everyone from babies through to children of all ages, retirees, and adults from all backgrounds including many sports people, both professional and weekend warriors. During his career Dr Gaery Barbery has treated many international sporting stars, and is presently Vice President of FICS (Federation International Sports Chiropractors).

In addition to classic chiropractic treatments [site_title] employs techniques such as Kinesiotaping, Active Release Technique (ART), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabiliation (DNS) to deliver up to date treatment, are habilitation exercise and advice, specific to a client’s needs. At our [site_location] clinic we never just use an “off the shelf” approach. Everyone is unique, so everyone needs a unique treatment plan.

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