Info for New Clients

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At BodyKey Chiropractic in [site_location] we believe that your chiropractic care should have three defining values:

  • It should address the cause
  • It should be effective
  • It should be based on the latest research

Freedom of movement of the human frame is a core component of a healthy and productive life. Therefore, a core focus of BodyKey Chiropractic is enhancing and maintaining the neurological control of spinal stability, posture and balance using up-to-date strategies and exercise programs.

What Can I Expect From My First Consultation?

First and foremost we need to understand your medical and health history. Unfortunately many health problems can mimic disorders of the spine and, as such, we will discuss your history in some detail.

This will be followed by a comprehensive examination at our [site_location] [site_discipline] clinic in order to make the most accurate diagnosis. Please be assured that if we do not think that [site_discipline] can help you, or if our examination reveals any additional concerns that can’t be treated using one of our [site_discipline] techniques, we will refer you appropriately and liaise with your general practitioner on your behalf.

What If I Need Further Investigations?

The [site_location] location of our Brisbane [site_discipline] clinic allows us to work in close collaboration with a number of radiology centres. The cost of plain film X-rays is largely covered by Medicare (Australian residents only), with only a small out-of-pocket expense. MRI scans are not claimable under Medicare (except when referred by medical specialist), however, there are very competitive rates and most centres can generally accommodate our patients on short notice.

Call [site_title] on [site_phone], or visit us at [site_address_line] and discover the freedom to live your life as it should be enjoyed!